Department of LaborWe are thrilled to announce that the United States Department of Labor recently awarded Spectrum Resources with nearly 1.5 million dollars over the next 3 years to provide employment, training, and support services that help juvenile justice system involved youth successfully reintegrate into their Des Moines area communities.   Spectrum Resources received one of 21 Face Forward 2 grants announced nationwide totaling more than $44 million. We will be offering education and job training services to 200 justice-involved youth living in the “Urban Core” of Des Moines.  We are currently in the planning phase of the program and will release regular updates on the status of our program as we move closer to program launch early this fall.

From Senator Tom Harkin’s press release:

“One of the best investments our government can make is providing our kids with the training and support they need to succeed,” said Harkin. “Programs like Face Forward 2 are crucial for re-integrating young people back into the community and giving them the skills to rebuild their lives. Today’s funding will give these young Iowans an opportunity to get ahead.”

To read the entire press release, please follow the below link to Senator Tom Harkin’s web site:









While client surveys help service organizations like Spectrum Resources measure and understand the efficacy of our programs, nothing beats a handwritten letter of thanks from a client.

Wraparound Specialist, Cynthia King

Wraparound Specialist, Cynthia King

Wraparound Specialist Cynthia King has been teaching “Thinking for a Change” classes at the Polk County Jail for over a year now.  She currently facilitates 5 classes at the jail for 3 groups of men and 2 groups of women.  The classes help inmates build cognitive toolkits that help them learn to recognize their feelings and thinking patterns, and then look at the big picture versus the immediate moment. Facilitating these classes is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

Recently, one the students in her class wrote a personal thank you note.  We’ve removed the student’s signature to protect their privacy, but wanted to share this letter with you.


Thinking for a Change Thank you Letter

Thinking for a Change Thank you Letter

What is “Thinking for a Change

“Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills.  (”


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